Julio David Zuarth Gonzalez

          In 2012 I became an exchange student during my senior year of high school in North Carolina.  One of the reasons I decided to embark in such a journey was because, I did not know what career path I wanted to follow. I thought an experience like this would give me some more insight to my future.  Indeed it did, I got to share unforgettable memories with wonderful people from the United States and from 50+ countries.  This multicultural experience made me very interested in international interactions and cooperation. 

          Doing some research I found a major in International Relations. This major focuses on the relationships of countries, governments, people, and organizations around the world.  It is also multi-disciplinary and gives me a very broad range of job sectors. I settled to come back to the United States to study International Relations. For convenience I decided to come at first to the area where I was during my exchange year.  CCC&TI was the nearest college and was more practical financially for obtaining my associate’s degree before transferring. 

          Upon beginning my formal education at Caldwell Community College, I began to realize I had a strong passion for psychology. I have begun to consider attempting to double major in psychology and international relations. After transferring to a university and obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I would like to work abroad. In some sector that allows me to help in the development of nations and its people. I want to throw myself into the world but before I do, I want a solid foundation that only college education can provide me.


my name is julio zuarth